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  • Professor Hans Lambers
  • Dr Marion Cambridge
  • Dr Rob Keogh
  • Dr Cleve Hassell
  • Mr Jock Clough
  • Professor John Pate
  • Lady Jean Brodie-Hall
  • Professor Richard Hobbs
  • Professor Bill Loneragan

Honorary Patrons

  • The Hon. Kerry Sanderson
  • Professor Alan Robson
  • Mr. Peter Cundell
  • Ms Marion Blackwell
  • Professor Steve Hopper
  • Ms Philippa Nikulinsky
  • Mary Hancock (deceased)


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Previous Events


Biodiversity in the wheatbelt: where do we go in the 21st century?

Kwongan Colloquium
12-13 Sep 2009

Development and Biodiversity - can they co-exist?

Kwongan Colloquium
18-19 Sep 2010

The Riddle of the Sands - Kwongan matters

Kwongan Colloquium
8-9 Oct 2011


On the ecology of WA's arid zone
21 July 2015

Kwongan Newsletters

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 View of the Eucalyptus-Saregenti plant

The Kwongan Foundation for the conservation of Australia's biodiversity has been established to:

  • provide resources for research and study at UWA
  • implement the gathering and sharing of knowledge
  • enable long-term planning
  • attract world-class researchers
  • achieve tangible improvements in the long-term conservation prospects of endangered plants.


Kwongan Business Plan


Objectives of the Foundation

The Foundation will provide the resources to:

  • implement the gathering and sharing of knowledge about our unique flora
  • enable planning on a long-term basis for conservation of these plant species
  • attract world-class researchers to Western Australia to achieve significant advances and stem the tide of looming extinction for so many species
  • address new problems as they arise
  • facilitate conservation objectives of the community, industry and Government
  • help provide a secure basis for the State's tourist industry
  • discover many valuable compounds for medicine and industry
  • involve community groups helping with this challenge


The Foundation provides essential income to support promising young researchers in this urgent field of community need.
All this cannot be achieved without your valuable support.

All donations make a measurable difference. Please consider a tax deductible contribution to the Foundation.

All donations of $5000 and above entitle you to become a Patron of the Kwongan Foundation.

Up-Coming Events

Kwongan Workshop 2015

'The Ecology of WA's Arid Zone' - 21 July 2015

This workshop is to enhance the awareness of the significance of native plants and wildlife in the arid zone of WA and to build stronger links between UWA's School of Plant Biology and its associates with the conservation and mining industry as well as the wider community.   See the below for further information.


Kwongan Matters Newsletters

From time to time the Kwongan Foundation publishes its newsletter 'Kwongan Matters'.   Click on the links below to view these publications.

Kwongan Matters 1 [PDF, 3.7 MB]
Updated 10 Feb 2014

Kwongan Matters 3 [PDF, 3.1 MB]
Updated 4 Jul 2013

Kwongan Matters 4 [PDF, 3.2 MB]
Updated 11 Aug 2014