School of Plant Biology

How to place an order




  • You need a new purchase order (PO) number for every purchase.
  • You are not allowed to use the same PO number created for one supplier to place an order with another supplier.
  • Invoices from suppliers with missing or incorrect PO numbers must be accompanied by a completed 'Purchase Order Request for Invoice Payment' form plus any subsequent paperwork required as stated on said form or it will not be processed. This can lead to unpaid invoices which can cause suppliers to place orders on hold.   

Purchasing process

  1. Complete the on-line requisition form under quick links on the right hand side. If you have a quotation, please upload it to the requisition form.
  2. The Purchasing Officer will create a purchase order and send it to the supplier and copy it to you for your records
  3. When the order arrives, you will receive an email with ARRIVED as the first word of the subject line.
  4. All deliveries are to be collected as soon as possible from the Central Agriculture building first floor room 1.125. If chemicals are to be kept refrigerated/frozen, please let the Purchasing Officer know how to contact you at all times. It is your responsibility to collect the order ASAP. The storage space is very limited and is not secure.


  • The requisition form must be completed correctly otherwise it will be sent back.
  • Please supply item codes from the supplier’s website where possible and the full name/description of the product to be ordered.
  • If you do not put the item price on the requisition form, any price from the supplier will be accepted. If you state a price and a higher price is received on the invoice, the Purchasing Officer can question the invoice.