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Key research areas by staff

Plant Production Systems

Plant physiology

Agriculture and horticulture apply modern approaches in plant sciences,          including genetics & plant breeding, ecology and physiology, developmental biology, molecular biology, pathology and natural product chemistry.

Martin Barbetti, Susan Barker, Sheng Chen, Tim Colmer, Michael Considine, Wallace CowlingKenneth FlowerRoger JonesMatthew Nelson, Steve Powles, Michael Renton, Megan Ryan, Shane Turner, Erik Veneklaas, Guijun Yan, Mingpei You, Qin Yu, Ed Barrett-Lennard, 

Turf Research Program  


PGB - Centre for Plant Genetics and Breeding

Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI)

Natural Terrestrial Systems

Conservation biology

Focused on interactions between plants and their environment, with many researchers studying threatening processes such as habitat destruction, fragmentation of wild areas, dieback disease, invasion by weeds, salinity and eutrophication.

Susan Barker, Oliver Berkowitz, Tim ColmerKingsley Dixon (BGPA)Patrick FinneganPauline Grierson, Richard Hobbs, Roger Jones, Ricarda Jost, Siegy Krauss (BGPA), Etienne Laliberte, Hans Lambers, Pieter PootCharles Price, Michael Renton, Mike Shane, Fran├žois Teste, Greg Skrzypek, Stephen Hopper and Erik Veneklaas

Ecosystems Research Group (ERGo)

Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Initiative (TERI)

Ecosystem Restoration & Intervention Ecology Research Group (ERIE)

Marine Systems

Marine science

Research interests and activities range from habitat mapping, basic taxonomy, genetics and physiology of marine plants to population and community ecology of plants, invertebrates and fish.

Gary Kendrick, Tim Langlois, Michael Renton, Elizabeth Sinclair, Daniel Smale, Carlos Duarte, Susana Agusti-Requena, Ylva Olsen and Thomas Wernberg