Plant Biology

Ecosystem Restoration & Intervention Ecology Research Group

western pygmy possum

Degraded, fragmented, abandoned – these are the landscapes that we work in.

But we also live and work in one of the most floristically diverse regions of the world, the south-west of Western Australia.

In the Ecosystem Restoration & Intervention Ecology (ERIE) Research Group, we aim to understand the processes that lead to the degradation of ecosystems and the mechanisms by which they can be conserved and restored.

Our research covers wide and varied aspects of ecology and natural resource management, from conceptual ecology through ecosystem restoration and the management of rare and threatened flora to environmental policy.

Restoring a Future: the Ridgefield Tree Experiment

This experiment consists of a long-term study of ecological restoration to examine how different combinations of planted tree & shrub species perform services, such as carbon sequestration, in the face of ongoing environmental change. This is one of the biggest such experiments in Australia. It aims for a lifespan of at least 50 years, providing a much needed long-term experimental platform and a “living legacy” of research investment. read more


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