Plant Biology

Ecosystems Research Group (ERGo)

We study the nutritional and hydrological processes that determine the productivity and ecological sustainability of natural ecosystems and their response to disturbance and environmental change.

General areas of study

  • biogeochemical cycling at multiple scales - rhizosphere to landscape
  • stable isotopes in ecology and geochemistry
  • ecological water requirements in the Pilbara, including the integration of biological, ecological and hydrogeological elements
  • fire ecology and fire behaviour of semi-arid and forest ecosystems - spatial patterning and links with key ecological processes
  • dendroclimatology of Australia - climate-growth relationships of Callitris and other tree species, including their potential for climate reconstruction
  • organic matter fluxes in and around semi-arid streams
  • ecosystem biogeochemistry of the Swan-Canning catchment

Ecosystems of current research interest

  • semi-arid rangelands
  • Callitris woodlands
  • mulga woodlands
  • riparian zones
  • near coastal catchments
  • open Eucalypt forest