Plant Biology

Natural marine and terrestrial systems

Our research is focused on interactions between plants and their environments.

In terrestrial environments many of our researchers are investigating threatening processes such as habitat destruction, fragmentation of wild areas, dieback disease, population and community ecology, ecophysiology, biogeochemistry, soil-plant relationships, invasion by weeds, and impacts of drought, salinity and eutrophication.

In marine environments our activities range from habitat mapping, basic taxonomy, genetics and physiology of marine plants to population and community ecology of plants, invertebrates and fish.

Restoration ecology is a substantial research activity both for marine and terrestrial systems.

Research groups

Projects are undertaken across the full range of natural marine and terrestrial systems research. Key groups include:

Key contacts

Marine biology, marine science and climate change

Temperate and tropical marine primary producers, marine conservation

Reef ecology and climate change

Terrestrial ecology and ecosystem biogeochemistry

Ecology and ecosystem biogeochemistry

Plant ecophysiology, conservation and ecology

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