Plant Biology

Seminar series

The School of Plant Biology runs regular research seminars presented by staff, postgraduates and distinguished guests.

Attendance is open to researchers from across UWA and other universities. Members of the public are also welcome

Seminars are usually held on Mondays at 4.00 pm in either the Botany Seminar Rm. 2.14 or the Agriculture Lecture Theatre.

Seminar details are listed on this page.

If you have any questions, contact the series convenor Dr Ylva Olsen or Ms Maggie Triska.

Upcoming seminars

There are no events scheduled at this time.

Previous seminars (2015)

Date Location Presenter


25/08/15 Bayliss Building (Rm.G.33)
Mark Chase
Epigenetic alterations after recurrent allopolyploidization triggers adaptive diffusion in northern European Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae; Ochidiodeae).
24/08/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Jeff Russell
Biosecurity issues in the Australian grain industry - could you be a threat!
17/08/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Jason Hamer (PhD Exit Seminar)
Keeping up with a changing climate:  assessing the vulnerability of Eucalyptus species to a changing climate.
10/08/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Xinhua He
Host-species dependent ecophysiological characteristics and symbiotically effective N2 -fixation enhances two-way nitrogen movement between root hemiparasite Santalum album and N2-fixing Dalbergia odorifera
03/08/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof. Wallace Cowling
Small changes can yield potentially large benefits in crop breeding.
27/07/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Rachel Argus (PhD Exit Seminar)
Flooding responses of riparian eucalypts in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
20/07/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Max Bergmann (PhD Exit Seminar)
The role of potassium, to improve growth, water use and yield of canola under varying soil water conditions.
13/07/15 Agriculture Lecture Theatre (Rm.G.013)
Josh Mylne (School of Chemistry and Biochemistry & ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Biology
How a protein was born:  the de novo evolution of a buried seed peptide and its divergence over 30 million years.
06/07/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Adam Jalaludin (PhD Exit Seminar(
Identification of biochemical and molecular mechanisms of resistance of glufosinate and glyphosate in Eleusine indica
29/06/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Chengdao Li (Murdoch University)
From Barley Genome Sequencing to Diagnostic Test in Breeding.
22/06/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Erik Veneklaas
New insights into plant water relations in south-western WA..
15/06/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Margaret Roper (CSIRO)
Management of water repellent soils for crop production.
08/06/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Ping Si
Excellent glyphosate tolerance of transgenic narrow-leafed lupin under glasshouse conditions.
01/06/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Graham Zemunik (PhD Exit Seminar)
The response of plant community diversity and nutrient-acquisition strategies to long-term soil development in Gondwanan biodiversity hotspots.
25/05/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
No Seminar

18/05/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Phil Vercoe
Northern WA Beef Industry - a mosaic waiting to be put together.
11/05/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Jonathan Majer
Plant and animal conservation:  interlinked activities.
04/05/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Dr Jairo Palta (CSIRO)
Designing wheat root systems for improving nitrogen capture.
27/04/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Rachel Argus
Flooding responses of riparian eucalypts in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
23/04/15 Agri.Lect.Theatre (Rm.2.14)
Prof. Hironobu Shiwachi, Tokyo University
'Yams' Orphan Crop Research for Africa.
20/04/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Sonja Jakob (PhD exit Seminar)
Effects of drought on carbon and water relations in Eucalyptus seedlings.
13/04/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof. Changyan Tian, Prof. Yan Li, Prof. Chenyi Zhao, Prof. Xiangling Pan, Dr. Chuanhua Yin
An introduction to Xinjian Institute of Ecology and Georgraphy (5 mins) (Prof. Changyan TIAN): Snow cover in a cold desert and its importance to the vegetation (10 mins) (Prof. Yan LI); Climate change and sustainable development of irrigated agriculture in Xinjiang (10 min) (Prof. Chenyi ZHAO); Toxic effects of pollutants on electron transport in photosystems (10 mins) (Prof. Xiangliang PAN); Halophyte - saline soil interaction and its application in Xinjiang aarid zone (10 mins) (Dr Chuanhua YIN)
30/03/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
No Seminar

23/03/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Margaret Uloth (PhD exit seminar) The expression of virulence and resistance strategies when the fungal pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum infects Brassicas
16/03/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Renu Biju (PhD Exit Seminar)
Physiological Aspects of Stomatal Regulation and Water Use in Wheat Under Terminal Drought
13/03/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Hilary Harrop-Archibald (PhD Exit Seminar
The influence of litter quality, fungi and invertebrate decomposers on litter decomposition in a Mediterraneon-climate ecosystem
09/03/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof.Guijun Yan (UWA)
Creating plant materials for high-quality biological research
02/03/15 Simmonds LT. GP.3
Prof.Richard Oliver (Curtin University)
The formula for the sustainable management of fungicide resistance
23/02/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof.Jim Barrow (UWA)
A trail of discovery - with a twist in the tail.
16/02/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof. Hans Lambers (UWA)

The role of phosphorus in explaining plant biodiversity patterns and processes in a global biodiversity hotspot

09/02/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Ms.Alexandra Rouillard (PhD student)

Reconstructing extreme hydrological variability over recent millenia in semi-arid northwest Australia