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Dawn Dickinson

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Sep 2014

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Jan 2018

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Updated 06 Jul 2015

Dawn Dickinson

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GREENspace Perth: A Social-Ecological Study of Urban Green Space in Perth, Western Australia


Urban green space exists at the human/nature interface and contributes towards the sustainability and liveability of cities. Numerous studies to date have shown that urban green space provides many health, wellbeing and environmental benefits. Less well understood are the nonmaterial benefits or ‘cultural ecosystem services’ provided by urban green space, including educational and recreational values, aesthetic experience and sense of place. This is despite critically informing human experiences of nature, and impacting on human wellbeing and behaviour. This study will examine cultural ecosystem services in the context of urban green space in Perth. Specifically, the study seeks to explore: the cultural ecosystem services provided by urban green space in Perth; the importance of urban green space for connecting with nature in the city; and the effect of factors such as environmental stewardship and naturalness on cultural ecosystem service production in urban green space.

Why my research is important

This study will contribute to the growing body of urban ecological research using mixed methods to explore human/nature interactions. Cultural ecosystem services remain relatively understudied owing to their ‘intangible’ nature and yet critically underpin how humans interact with nature. This study will help to advance knowledge about cultural ecosystem services in general, and in the context of urban green space in particular. Given that urban green space is at the human/nature interface, and in the case of Perth, will increasingly be at a premium owing to the pressures of urbanisation, study findings may help to inform the management of existing urban green space and future planning. Improving understanding of how factors such as naturalness and stewardship impact on cultural ecosystem services might assist green space planning and management to achieve both ecological and social aims.


  • School of Biological Sciences
  • University Postgraduate Award and UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship