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Juan Garibello

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 4621
Fax: (+61 8) 6488 7641

Start date

Jun 2009

Submission date

Jun 2011

Juan Garibello

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The influence of nutrient availability, time of emergence and other plant traits on the competitive ability of Banksia woodland species with Ehrharta calycina during early growth.


I am describing and analyzing the influence of plant traits on the performance of woody natives competing with Perennial Veldt Grass (Ehrharta calycina) at Banksia woodland (South Western Australia). With an individual-level competition approach, experiments aim to identify as well the importance of ecological filters like nutrients availability and E. calycina density. Preliminary results from glass house trials showed that nutrient acquisition strategies of natives play a significant role to tolerate high nutrients concentrations. A second result suggests that during early growth, contrasting E. calycina densities do not have different effect on the growth of native seedlings on reduced areas.

Why my research is important

In Mediterranean ecosystems, weeds invasions brings about loss of species diversity and changes in resource use patterns (water use and nutrient cycling). Although there have been advances for Banksia woodland restoration, weeds management remains a major concern since usual strategies like herbicide application are not selective affecting just weeds but also natives. Considering that invasion success and competitive ability mainly depend on plant traits, identification of traits values and these native species with such traits values not only would mitigate invasions effects by use this species in restoration practice but would contribute to elucidate competition itself.


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