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Joanne Wisdom


Start date

Jan 2004

Submission date

Mar 2008


Joanne Wisdom

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Source-sink relationships and variation at two spatial scales in compositional quality of fruit of Vitis vinifera (L. cv Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon).


This thesis is an exploration of how vegetative and reproductive biomasses interact. The focus of this research is to measure all parameters that may affect this interaction. As a perennial plant, grapevines are rarely homogeneous in the paddock and thus this variation in fruit maturity is assessed as indicators of the source-sink interaction at a vine scale and a paddock scale

Why my research is important

Vineyard profitability depends on minimizing inputs and maximizing the quality potential of the grape berry. Thus a high dollar crop return from the winery is only achieved through the use of appropriate vine management techniques. Wineries presently set management goals with this objective in mind but are limited by a poor understanding of the relationship between vine physiology and fruit quality. Two such viticultural techniques include cluster thinning, which involves the removal of fruit, and defoliation, which involves the removal of leaves. However results from studies of these practices are often confusing. A better understanding of vine growth in terms of measurable variables is necessary to direct viticultural management techniques toward the production of quality fruit.


  • APAI - Australian Research Council linkage grant with Evans and Tate.